About Us

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Who we are

Donkey Pops was founded in March of 2016 with the mission to help others, especially veterans, suffering from the effects of PTSD, anxiety, and pain. As a veteran and sufferer of anxiety myself, CBD was a remarkable and effective tool to ease daily stress and allow me to achieve a better quality of life.

In making our CBD edibles, I was drawn to old fashioned hard handy that I made as a kid and sold at school. The process has remained the same, small batch direct infused. All products have been lab tested for strength and quality.

Our mission

Donkey Pops aims to provide high-quality CBD edibles for those in need of CBD’s reported¬†therapeutic effects. We strive to maintain quality doses of lab-tested, 100% organic hemp CBD in every product. If we can deliver a great product that provides CBD’s effects in a delicious and easy to take way, we have done our job!

Donkey Pops lollipops

Our signature product! Donkey Pops come in an array of delicious flavors with a generous dosage of 50mg of organic hemp CBD. Try all our great flavors!

Cbd cotton candy

Our CBD also comes infused in cotton candy! Try our fluffed up, sugary snack infused with 50mg of organic Hemp CBD. This cotton candy tastes great and provides a great amount of CBD!

CBeeStix CBD Honey

CBeestix combines locally sourced honey and our lab-tested high-quality CBD! With 50mg of CBD in every package, you can enjoy these sweet treats by themselves or in your hot tea!

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